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Share your Welsh Wish

It’s an exciting time for people who love nature and love living in Wales.

Our politicians are about to pass a new law which could make a big difference to the health of our planet – the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill.

So this is our chance to show them what a brighter future looks like!

Welsh Wish is about telling your story, in a snapshot, of living in harmony with nature.

Your photo might be of you ditching the car and cycling to school, your home-grown tomatoes, a beautiful butterfly in your garden, having a splash in the sea or a walk in a deep green forest.

We’d love to see and share your photos!

Get involved in three easy steps:


How to take part

  • Snap a photo

    Show us what a bright future for you and our planet looks like.

  • Make a wish

    Tell everyone why it’s important to AND tag it #WelshWish

  • Share it

    Post your pic to Twitter, Instagram or on the WWF Facebook page and let Wales (and the world) know that you care! But remember to tag it #Welshwish

  • If you’d rather email it, that’s fine too. Send your photo and wish to: and we’ll post it on the web for you.

    And if you’d like to, stay in touch with our newsletter or become a WWF supporter—we’d love to have you on board!